Questions & Answers

Discernment How many years are spent in formation?

For Brothers around 6 years, for seminarians 6 - 8 years due to the academics that are required. Also, it depends on the candidate and where they find themselves to be in the overall discernment process.

What are the differences between Brotherhood and priesthood program?

The main difference is the M Div requirement for Holy Orders that Brother candidates do not have to obtain. Otherwise all the components of the program apply to both.

Are there advanced study requirements for Brother candidates?

Generally, there are no requirements for advanced studies. There are biblical, scriptural and missiological studies that the candidate is encouraged to take for the purpose of heightening their understanding of the church’s role in mission and how their vocational choice is related etc. Also, if the person has a particular interest and gift for a particular field of study and it matches the needs of the Society then, yes there is the possibility for advanced study etc.

How long does one live in the formation community before going overseas?

At least 2-3 years before going overseas due to the academic requirements etc. And again where the person is at in their discernment etc.

How long is the overseas program?

2 -3 years

How is it determined where a candidate will go for their overseas training?

It begins with Society leadership and local area leadership determining where a positive experience could take place etc. Also the Formation team likewise makes recommendations to leadership etc.

What types of formation activities are there outside of the formal program?

Conferences, workshops, Pastoral Theological Reflection, days of recollection, ministry, retreats, community meetings, manual labor, community prayer and liturgy. Candidates also participate together in sports activities, group outings, movies, etc.

When does a candidate make their First Oath?

Candidates are eligible to petition for Oath after 2 years.

How many years must a candidate be in Oath before making Final Oath?

Generally, 6 years is the norm before Final Oath.