Maryknoll Publications

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers publishes two magazines bi-monthly: Maryknoll, and Revista Maryknoll.

Maryknoll Magazine is an English mission magazine that features articles about U.S. missionaries who live and work overseas in areas of extreme poverty. Formerly known as The Field Afar, it is the major publication of the Maryknoll Society and strives to educate U.S. Catholics about missionary work in other cultures. Maryknoll Magazine is also published online at maryknollmagazine.org.

Revista Maryknoll is a Spanish-language magazine founded to serve the ever burgeoning, diverse commumities of Hispanic Catholics in the United States. It too strives to educate Hispanic Catholics about the missionary challenges in overseas lands. Revista Maryknoll is also published online at www.revistamaryknoll.org.

Maryknoll and Revista Maryknoll

Maryknoll operates a book publishing house called Orbis Books. Orbis Books addresses a broad readership exploring the global dimensions of faith, inviting dialogue with diverse cultures and traditions, and serving the cause of reconciliation and peace. It has been a leader in religious publishing since 1970 and offers a wide range of books on prayer, spirituality, Catholic life, theology, mission and current affairs. Orders for books can be taken online at www.orbisbooks.com.

Orbis Books

All three publications have received numerous awards from the Catholic Press Association (CPA) for their outstanding products. Visit Maryknoll Society's official website at maryknollsociety.org or CPA's website at www.catholicpress.org.

Maryknoll also closely collaborates with the Maryknoll Sisters and Maryknoll Lay Missioners in projects of research, analysis and advocacy involving the justice and peace issues that affect the communities where Maryknollers live and work. The Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns (MOGC), based in Washington, D.C., is a resource for Maryknoll on matters of peace, social justice and integrity of creation, and brings Maryknoll’s mission experience into U.S. policy discussions. They can be found online at www.maryknollogc.org.