Overseas Training Program

After the first year of Formation in Chicago, Illinois, Maryknoll's Superior General, in consultation with the candidate and the formation staff, sends the candidate to a mission Region for a period of two to three years. The length of time brueneris dependent upon the difficulty of language studies and the individual needs of the candidate. It is immersion in mission and ministry which will challenge, change or confirm a candidate’s values. Also, learning a foreign language, absorbing the culture and living in a Maryknoll community will deeply affect him spiritually, emotionally and physically. Spiritual direction and group reflection help the candidate process these experiences as he strives to understand himself better and discern if he has a foreign missionary vocation.

Right now all candidates are sent to Cochabamba, Bolivia for this Overseas Training Program.  During these years a candidate's relationship with God deepens in ways one cannot imagine. Through involvement in the lives of the people, he will come to know the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in new and profound ways..