Our Mission

Maryknollers live out their missionary vocation to spread the love of God to those in need throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. Firmly grounded in the Gospels and in ebble1Catholic social teaching, they live and serve in 26 countries around the world.

Compassion is at the heart of all the ministries of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. Whether providing life-giving medicines, nutritious food, blankets, or something as simple as a glass of clean water . . . it is compassion at work.

As representatives of the Catholic Church in overseas lands, Maryknoll Priests and Brothers are committed to evangelization and actively employ the six elements of mission in their ministry: proclamation and witness to Jesus Christ; liturgy, prayer, and contemplation; inculturation; justice and the care of creation; interreligious dialogue; reconciliation.

In Asia, Maryknoll Missioners mirror Christ's love amid a wide variety of cultures, languages and world religions. Their works include care of the mentally and physically challenged, counseling workers, promoting community organizations, AIDS ministries, and interreligious dialogue.

In Africa, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers work side by side with the local African Church in parish based ministries, caring for refugee communities uprooted by war and famine, accompanying those struggling with AIDS and orphaned by AIDS, and the many who labor to compete in a global economy

kyungsu son1From the Rio Grande to the Straits of Magellan, Maryknollers walk side-by-side with the people of Latin America in their struggle to live their lives in freedom, dignity and peace. Working in parishes, in AIDS ministries, in Seminary and lay formation programs, and in Social Justice ministries, Maryknoll Priests and Brothers actively engage in the greatest global spiritual journey of our time. In the past several decades, more than a dozen U.S. Catholic missionaries, including Maryknollers, have paid with their lives for their dedication to the people of Latin America.

In the United States, Maryknoll is actively engaged in Mission process that involves bringing back and sharing the mission experiences, including the struggles and hopes of the poor encountered on mission. This program includes mission appeal talks and other mission education programs given in parishes, colleges, high schools, grade schools, religious education programs and formation programs. Maryknoll has developed a variety of mission education materials, including the Maryknoll and Revista magazines, an award winning Internet site, television, video and radio programs, posters, Orbis books and other materials.