Maryknoll Spirit

 The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers share in the joy and power of Jesus' ministry by evangelizing through ministering, preaching, witnessing, counseling and praying with thalerpeople of different cultures. As representatives of the Catholic Church, they also participate with the people through the powerful ministry of word and Sacraments.

According to Fr. Thomas Price, co-founder of Maryknoll, the Maryknoll spirit is defined as “a heaven-sent cheerfulness that makes every yoke sweet and every burden light when borne for the love of God and man.”

moormanMaryknoll's spirit is charity in action. It is belief in a loving God, and in the innate goodness of every individual. The Maryknoll spirit accords dignity to all. It is a compassionate heart that embraces the whole world with selfless devotion, looking for and caring for people in need.

The Maryknoll Spirit meets life’s challenges with courage and strives for excellence in becoming what we are to be. It is a willingness to try new things – to risk, to be creative, to try the unknown without being afraid of making mistakes or losing face.

The Maryknoll Spirit is a willingness to share with others, fostering mutual support and trust. It seeks and carries the truth with passion to the world.