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Maryknoll's Newest Member

John Siyumbu - First International Student


Congrats to Maryknoll’s newest member, John Siyumbu, who took first oath to the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers this past weekend!

John is the first international candidate to take a temporary oath with Maryknoll. Later this month he will travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia to begin our Overseas Training Program. We congratulate and wish John many blessings during his Training Program and we ask that you keep John and all of our seminarians in your prayers!


A Reflection on Epiphany

The challenge of Encountering the Light

That child, born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary, came not only for the people of Israel, represented by the shepherds of Bethlehem, but also for all humanity, represented today by the wise men from the East. 
It is on the Magi and their journey in search of the Messiah that the Church invites us to meditate and to pray.

These wise men from the East were the first in that great procession of which the prophet Isaiah spoke, a procession which from that time on has continued uninterrupted; in every age it hears the message of the star and finds the Child who reveals the tenderness of God.  New persons are always being enlightened by that star; they find the way and come into his presence.